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I.egan building a fantasy of her in which she looked like a film star. So even if your husband swears he would never cheat, don't assume it can't happen. There are three hormones that modulate monogamy: oxytocin, arginine vasopressin, and testosterone . Testosterone is in conflict with the bonding effects of oxytocin literally--testosterone inhibits the uptake of oxytocin by its receptor. Besides, you know, being total a-holes. Women are attracted to them, and their testosterone inhibits the bonding effect of being with their beautiful wives and insinuates a desire for more procreation or at least a simulacrum of it. Fortunately, you can help. It's really about groom speech empowering women. Emerald wipes away her tears.

Why Men Cheat Why Men Cheat

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Why Men Cheat